So they got to choose from the dregs

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canadian goose jacket But there’s more to say about that last entry. There are several reasons for this. One of them is named for the moment John Doe.Congress passed the AUMF shortly after the mass murders of Sept. FBI Director James Comey defended his disclosure decisions related to the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton\u0027s email server, goose outlet canada but he also told senators, canada goose outlet england \”It makes me mildly nauseous to think that we had an impact on the election.\”Though Comey was testifying on oversight issues before the Judiciary Committee, much of the questioning centered around the FBI\u0027s investigation into Russian meddling in the presidential election and about Clinton\u0027s private server. Under questioning by ranking member Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D California, Comey recalled what went into his decision to tell Congress on Oct canadian goose jacket.