You were the kind of player holding me back when i was placed

Certain dancers stood out over opening weekend. Noelani Pantastico, whose dancing continues to be infused with an infectious warmth and joy, shone in “In the Night,” at a Gathering, and, with partner Seth Orza, in “Other Dances.” The latter dance was originally created for Mikhail Baryshnikov and Natalia Makarova, two of ballet’s greats, but Orza and Pantastico make the roles their own; it’s a grand pas de deux with moments of folk dancey playfulness, and of the pleasure dancers find in each other. Angelica Generosa made a sweetly wistful Maria in “West Side Story Suite” and was wonderfully funny as the bespectacled Angry Lady in “The Concert.” Lucien Postlewaite, electric as the “WSSS” Tony, set the mood for “Dances at a Gathering,” moving as if through a silky fog of memory..

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