“It’s terrible,” she told HuffPost in Spanish this week as the

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canada goose outlet uk sale However, canada goose outlet uk sale certain demographic groups are lagging behind.In rural areas, racial and ethnic minorities, men, and older individuals are less likely to have a bachelor’s degree than their white, female, and younger counterparts. For example, while the share of high school dropouts among rural Hispanics or Latinos fell from just more than half to 39 percent between 2000 and 2015, the report finds, racial and ethnic minorities comprise an increasing share of the rural population without a high school diploma.Rural women outpaced rural men in obtaining all types of degrees, including high school diplomas, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees, between 2000 and 2015. The canada goose outlet us share of rural women with bachelor’s degrees or higher grew by 5 percentage points, compared with 3 percentage points for rural men, according to the report.Biddle surmised that women have been earning college degrees in greater numbers than men for a long time, particularly in rural areas.”Women are getting college degrees in greater numbers regardless of where you are, but in rural areas I think that’s always been the case,” she said. canada goose outlet uk sale

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